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Easy Reach Phone Charger Holder

Black Clip Charger Holder

This is an easy way to keep your phone charger handy!  You can use the clip on your mattress, desk, etc.  No more cords just hanging around or falling under the desk or bed!


-Black Clip

Instructions:  Place the clip where you will be reaching for your phone charger.  Slip your phone charger through the metal part.


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Pretty Packaging for Your Clients

Pretty Packaging for Your Clients

I recently re-branded and ordered new packaging last year.  I added some ribbon.  It looked nice, but it was just….well, nice.  I felt it needed just a little boost.  I thought of a few ideas and decided on a final element.  A special thank you to Belle Rose Designs for these special custom made rosette flowers!  And they are not just for photo packaging either, she can make headbands and bows too!  She has so many designs and fabrics, check her out!  She also has an Etsy shop!


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Only Child Expiring Shirt

I thought this was so cute!  We got this for my daughter and it was a big hit!  But looks like the only child is expiring in January now!  I was able to choose the color shirt and color I wanted the letters.  Not only does this Etsy shop sell this shirt, she has a TON of other cute t-shirts for EVERY occasion.  Or send her a message and see if she can make something custom for you!  CLICK HERE to check out her Etsy shop!


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Giraffe Custom Car Seat Cover

So my next few posts will probably have to do with the babies!  We got some pretty cute things for them!  One of them being this car seat!  My friend had given us a leopard car seat cover for the girl.  So now I needed something to match for the boy.  I stuck with the animal print thing and had a custom cover made from THIS ETSY SHOP.  I told her exactly what I wanted and a few days later it arrived.  It just slips right over your car seat cover!

_WWP4299-Edit _WWP4301-Edit _WWP4302-Edit _WWP4304-Edit

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Single Loom Band Bracelet

Single Loom Band Bracelet


            – Loom

            – Loom Bands

            – Loom Hook

            – “C” Clip


Instructions:  The first step is to put a loom band on two pegs.  Make sure the arrows are facing AWAY from where you start.  Next, overlap another loom band on the next pegs.  See pictures.


Do this the whole way until you reach the other end.


After all loom bands are on, flip the loom so the arrows are now facing you.  Starting with the second loom band (not the first), get your hook and grab it.  Hook it over to the next band.  See picture.


Do this the whole way to the end.


When you get to the end, take the last band and stretch it over to the peg beside it.


Get your “C” clip and slip it on the last band.


You can now remove the bracelet from the loom.


Take the first band that you did not hook and slip it onto the “C” clip.  Your bracelet is now complete.


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Rubberband Paint Can

Rubberband Paint Can


                        – Paint Can

                        – Paintbrush

                        – Rubberband

Instructions:  This came in handy when painting my daughters room.  Instead of wiping the paintbrush on the side of the can, place a rubberband around the paint can and wipe your paintbrush on the rubberband!



Two Timing Pasta

Two Timing Pasta


– Penne Pasta
– 1 jar Alfredo Sauce
– 1 jar of Marinara Sauce
– Mozzarella Cheese (this is what my husband likes!)
– Parmesan Cheese
– Baking dish

Instructions:  This is a quick and easy recipe!  Cook your pasta completely. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. While your pasta is cooking, in a big bowl, put all your alfredo sauce and the all your marinara sauce. Mix together. Add in 2 cups of Mozzarella cheese. After pasta is done, add pasta to the bowl. Place the entire mixture into your baking dish. Bake for 20 minutes. When done, sprinkle Parmesan cheese all over top.