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Halloween costumes for twins – Scuba Divers!

I was trying to come up with good Halloween costumes for my twins…then it hit me…scuba divers!!  These were super easy to make!  I think the whole project cost no more than $20.






I got the black clothes at Walmart – onesies, pants, hats, “socks”

Black felt – Walmart – used to make the flippers

Spray paint – Walmart

Duck Tape – Walmart and Dollar Tree

Black tubing – Lowe’s

Clear Pacifiers – Walmart

Goggles – Dollar Tree

Velcro – Walmart

2 Liter pop bottles


How I did it:

The pictures pretty much sum it up, but it was super easy!  All the clothes I got at Walmart.  The socks were actually mittens.  They were a two pack for 97 cents.  I cut off the thumbs and sewed it together so they were socks!  The goggles I got at the Dollar Tree.

First, I spray painted 2 liter pop bottles silver..  When they were completely dry, I put black duck tape around it and then another skinnier, brighter piece around that.  I got the skinnier neon colors at the Dollar Tree.  I then placed Velcro on the back of the pop bottles.  In the cap, I made a hole and took my black piping and shoved it in there.  It wasnt going anywhere so I didnt need to glue or tape it.  I then took the pacifier and used black duck tape to tape it to the end of the black piping.  I put velcro on the back of the twins shirts so secure the “tank”.

See how easy it was?  It was a big hit with all the neighbors!



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Gift for dance teacher

Gift for dance teacher!


Supplies needed:


Paper for handprints

8×10 frame




Scrap paper




Paint your child’s hands and cross them so the thumbs will be sticking out.  Press firmly on the paper.  Allow to fully dry.  I got white scrap paper and painted it to match the color of her hand prints for the top of the tutu.  I then used Purple ribbon and glued it to hide where her hand prints and tutu top meet.  After it was dry I printed up a little paper that says “Miss Erin – Thank you for giving me the gift of dance!”  I also made a tag for her gift bag.




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Birdcage Card Holder

Supplies Needed:

Bird Cage


Spray Paint



Hot Glue gun + glue



Spray paint the birdcage white. Wait a couple of hours for it to dry completely.


Wrap your ribbon around the entire cage. I chose to use a thick ribbon and a thin, sheer ribbon on top of it.


I tied them together to make a pretty bow.

_WWP5509 _WWP5504

I hot glued a flower to the top. Since this was for my twins baptism, I added crystal crosses to the flower and to the bow.

_WWP5549-2 _WWP5552-2_WWP5505


And here it is displayed at the Baptism:

_WWP5713-Edit _WWP5720-Edit

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DIY Communion or Baptism Invitations

I fell in love with some pretty fancy Communion invitations I saw on Etsy.  But being the crafty person I am, I knew I could do it myself for way cheaper than $8 a card!



Lace – Etsy

Mini Rosaries – Etsy

Silver Glitter scrapbook paper – Pat Catan’s

White Ribbon – Pat Catans

Jewel Embellishments – Michael’s

Printed Pearl paper – thru my professional lab

Glue Dots – Pat Catans

Tape – Walmart


Paper Trimmer (not pictured)

Hot Glue gun (not pictured)


I ordered 5×7 press cards thru my pro lab and got them with a pearl finish.  This might be the only tricky part you may encounter if doing these yourself.  Mpix is a professional lab for consumers and they MIGHT have pearl press cards, but I can’t be sure.  I took the silver glitter scrapbook paper and cut it just a little bit bigger than 5×7 so it would make a nice border around the pearl card.  Take your printed card and wrap lace around it, the ends being on the back.  I used tape to tape it onto the back to hold it in place.  I then took a piece of plain white ribbon and did the same thing.  I had pre cut a bunch of them so I could just grab and not measure.  I had pre made bows using the white ribbon as well.  I used hot glue to glue the bow onto the ribbon.  I then used glue dots to attached the printed card onto the glitter paper.  I added the crystal embellishments to the curves on her name and boom, done.



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Rainbow Loom Box Removable Decals DIY

Rainbow Loom Box Removable Decals DIY


Supplies Needed:


Puffy Paint

Plastic Sandwich Baggies







Cut paper to size of baggie.  On the paper, draw a design you want to use on your box.  After you are done, place the paper inside of the baggie.


_WWP6376-Edit _WWP6377-Edit_WWP6380-Edit_WWP6381-Edit


Next, trace your design on the outside of the baggie using the puffy paint.


_WWP6378-Edit _WWP6379-Edit   _WWP6382-Edit


Let dry overnight!!!  Remove the design by carefully peeling it off the baggy.

_WWP6385-Edit _WWP6386-Edit _WWP6388-Edit


Place your decal on your rainbow loom box and there you go!  Easy removable, make as many as you want!


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Motorcycle Diaper Cake

Ok, so this was my attempt to make a cute motorcycle diaper cake for a co-worker.  Although I wouldn’t say it was a fail, it def didnt come out as cute as I thought it would!


Supplies needed:

8″ round cake pan

34 Diapers

2 Rubber Bands

Ribbon of your choice

Pearlhead Push Pins

Two Swaddle Blankets



Socks or Booties (optional)

Stuffed Animal (Optional)




Take half of the diapers (17) and put them into a pinwheel formation in the cake pan.  You use the cake pan to hold them or else they would be everywhere!  Once you have them all in place, place a rubber band around them to secure them.  I used a thin ribbon since I had no rubber bands!  DO this twice, once for each wheel.



Next, place your ribbon around the “wheel” and secure with headpins.

_WWP5606 _WWP5618

You are now ready to assemble your wheels.  Take one of the receiving blankets and thread it thru the back wheel.  Tuck the other end to the front wheel.


For the handlebars, thread the other receiving blanket thru the front wheel.  Make it even on each side and using a rubber band or ribbon, tie together and fold each side over to make the handles.


Take your bib and place it over the fire “tire” and put the bottle under the handlebars.


It is complete!  You can add a stuffed animal on it or socks on the handlebar ends if you want.