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Rainbow Loom Box Removable Decals DIY

Rainbow Loom Box Removable Decals DIY


Supplies Needed:


Puffy Paint

Plastic Sandwich Baggies







Cut paper to size of baggie.  On the paper, draw a design you want to use on your box.  After you are done, place the paper inside of the baggie.


_WWP6376-Edit _WWP6377-Edit_WWP6380-Edit_WWP6381-Edit


Next, trace your design on the outside of the baggie using the puffy paint.


_WWP6378-Edit _WWP6379-Edit   _WWP6382-Edit


Let dry overnight!!!  Remove the design by carefully peeling it off the baggy.

_WWP6385-Edit _WWP6386-Edit _WWP6388-Edit


Place your decal on your rainbow loom box and there you go!  Easy removable, make as many as you want!


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Cootie Jar for New Baby or Babies!

Cootie Jar


–       Jar or bowl

–       Hand Sanitizer

–       Printer and Paper

Instructions:  I printed a sign on 4×6 photo paper and taped it to a small jar.  I left it out for people to use before handling my twins.  The sign says “Before touching our cuties, get rid of the cooties!”


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Watch Your Child Grow Into a Shirt

Grow Into Your Shirt


       Large T-shirt

       Iron on Letters and Numbers


Instructions:  Iron on “Class of XXXX” onto your shirt.  My daughter is the class of 2025, so that is what mine is.  Starting in Kindergarten (I started in first grade), photograph your child every year in the shirt until they graduate high school.  Watch how they grow into the shirt every year!  You can display the pictures at their graduation party!

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Valentine for Teacher

I was “Soapin” You’d be my Valentine


                        -Bottle of Soap

                        – Tags

                        – Ribbon

                        – Cardstock or scrap booking paper

Instructions:  I made this for my daughter’s teacher.  The tag reads:  I was “soapin’” you would be my Valentine!  I attached the tag with ribbon and tied around the bottle of soap.  You can find the free template here: http://www.4shared.com/document/lU3ZYHqv/I_Was_Soapin.html


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2 Weeks of Love

2 Weeks of Love


– Construction paper or plain paper

– Markers or chalk (if using black paper)

– Scissors

Instructions:  Cut out 14 paper hearts.  You can make them any color and size.  On each one, write something you love about your child.  Starting February 1st, leave a heart on their door so they can see it when they wake up.  Do this until Valentine’s Day.



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Only Child Expiring Shirt

I thought this was so cute!  We got this for my daughter and it was a big hit!  But looks like the only child is expiring in January now!  I was able to choose the color shirt and color I wanted the letters.  Not only does this Etsy shop sell this shirt, she has a TON of other cute t-shirts for EVERY occasion.  Or send her a message and see if she can make something custom for you!  CLICK HERE to check out her Etsy shop!


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Single Loom Band Bracelet

Single Loom Band Bracelet


            – Loom

            – Loom Bands

            – Loom Hook

            – “C” Clip


Instructions:  The first step is to put a loom band on two pegs.  Make sure the arrows are facing AWAY from where you start.  Next, overlap another loom band on the next pegs.  See pictures.


Do this the whole way until you reach the other end.


After all loom bands are on, flip the loom so the arrows are now facing you.  Starting with the second loom band (not the first), get your hook and grab it.  Hook it over to the next band.  See picture.


Do this the whole way to the end.


When you get to the end, take the last band and stretch it over to the peg beside it.


Get your “C” clip and slip it on the last band.


You can now remove the bracelet from the loom.


Take the first band that you did not hook and slip it onto the “C” clip.  Your bracelet is now complete.


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3D Hand Trace

3D Hand Trace


                        – Pencil

                        – Paper

                        – Markers

Instructions:  It is hard to explain how to do this; the pictures might be more self-explanatory!  This was my first try, I think with a little more practice it might look a bit more 3D!

3d hand