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DIY Communion or Baptism Invitations

I fell in love with some pretty fancy Communion invitations I saw on Etsy.  But being the crafty person I am, I knew I could do it myself for way cheaper than $8 a card!



Lace – Etsy

Mini Rosaries – Etsy

Silver Glitter scrapbook paper – Pat Catan’s

White Ribbon – Pat Catans

Jewel Embellishments – Michael’s

Printed Pearl paper – thru my professional lab

Glue Dots – Pat Catans

Tape – Walmart


Paper Trimmer (not pictured)

Hot Glue gun (not pictured)


I ordered 5×7 press cards thru my pro lab and got them with a pearl finish.  This might be the only tricky part you may encounter if doing these yourself.  Mpix is a professional lab for consumers and they MIGHT have pearl press cards, but I can’t be sure.  I took the silver glitter scrapbook paper and cut it just a little bit bigger than 5×7 so it would make a nice border around the pearl card.  Take your printed card and wrap lace around it, the ends being on the back.  I used tape to tape it onto the back to hold it in place.  I then took a piece of plain white ribbon and did the same thing.  I had pre cut a bunch of them so I could just grab and not measure.  I had pre made bows using the white ribbon as well.  I used hot glue to glue the bow onto the ribbon.  I then used glue dots to attached the printed card onto the glitter paper.  I added the crystal embellishments to the curves on her name and boom, done.



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Rainbow Loom Box Removable Decals DIY

Rainbow Loom Box Removable Decals DIY


Supplies Needed:


Puffy Paint

Plastic Sandwich Baggies







Cut paper to size of baggie.  On the paper, draw a design you want to use on your box.  After you are done, place the paper inside of the baggie.


_WWP6376-Edit _WWP6377-Edit_WWP6380-Edit_WWP6381-Edit


Next, trace your design on the outside of the baggie using the puffy paint.


_WWP6378-Edit _WWP6379-Edit   _WWP6382-Edit


Let dry overnight!!!  Remove the design by carefully peeling it off the baggy.

_WWP6385-Edit _WWP6386-Edit _WWP6388-Edit


Place your decal on your rainbow loom box and there you go!  Easy removable, make as many as you want!


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Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade at home recipe

Supplies Needed:


Tazo Passion Tea tea bags




Measuring cups




Boil 1 3/4 quart of water in a tea kettle (or pot if you don’t have a tea kettle).

_WWP6555-Edit _WWP6557-Edit

After it is done boiling, put in 3 passion tea bags and let sit for 20 minutes.


While the tea bags are soaking, you want to make the “simple syrup”.  To make this, boil 1 cup of water in a small pot.  When the water boils, add 1 cup of sugar.  Let the sugar dissolve in the water, do not stir.


When the passion tea is done soaking, let it cool.  When it is cooled down, add it to 1 3/4 quarts of lemonade.

_WWP6579-Edit _WWP6580-Edit

Add the the simple syrup.


Put it in the fridge to get cold.  YUM!