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Grandkids Scrabble Frame

Scrabble Letter Gift For Grandma


– Scrabble Tiles (Can get on Amazon for $12 total)

– 12×12 Scrapbook Paper

– Shadowbox or thick picture frame (From craft Store)

– Glue Gun

– Glue Sticks for Glue Gun

Instructions:  For my mom’s wedding anniversary last year, the gift theme was “wood”.  I knew exactly what I wanted to give her, but we had literally JUST found out that day we were pregnant and had to wait to see if the baby was a boy or girl so I could decide how I wanted the names to go on the “board”.  Well, when we found it was twins a few months later, we decided to keep the names a secret so I told my mom after the babies were born I would give her the gift and she would see why.

Pre-design how you want the names by writing them on a piece of paper.  When you are satisfied, you are ready to glue the tiles together.  I put a THIN line on the edge and pressed them together firmly.  After you are done with all the letters, you are ready to glue onto the scrapbook paper.  You can try Glue dots, but I wanted something I knew would hold over a long period of time.  After you hot glued the tiles to the scrapbook paper, insert it into the shadowbox (or frame) and you’ve created a masterpiece!



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Dried Flower Mirror

Dried Flower Mirror

– Mirror
– Dried Moss (You can get a craft store)
– Glue gun
– Glue sticks for Glue gun
– Dried Flowers

Instructions:  Sorry for the crappy iphone pics!  Hot glue the dried green moss to the mirror. After it is all on, hot glue gun your dried flowers one at a time on the mirror until they fill up the frame.

IMG_3835 IMG_3836 IMG_3840 IMG_3841

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2 Weeks of Love

2 Weeks of Love


– Construction paper or plain paper

– Markers or chalk (if using black paper)

– Scissors

Instructions:  Cut out 14 paper hearts.  You can make them any color and size.  On each one, write something you love about your child.  Starting February 1st, leave a heart on their door so they can see it when they wake up.  Do this until Valentine’s Day.



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Easy Reach Phone Charger Holder

Black Clip Charger Holder

This is an easy way to keep your phone charger handy!  You can use the clip on your mattress, desk, etc.  No more cords just hanging around or falling under the desk or bed!


-Black Clip

Instructions:  Place the clip where you will be reaching for your phone charger.  Slip your phone charger through the metal part.


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Rubberband Paint Can

Rubberband Paint Can


                        – Paint Can

                        – Paintbrush

                        – Rubberband

Instructions:  This came in handy when painting my daughters room.  Instead of wiping the paintbrush on the side of the can, place a rubberband around the paint can and wipe your paintbrush on the rubberband!


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DIY Wallflower Refill

Do It Yourself WallFlower Refill


                        – Old Wallflower Bulb

                        – Scented Oil

                        – Water

Instructions:  Remove the wick from the Wallflower and rinse your bulb out good.  Once completely dry, take your oil and fill the bulb up half way.  Put water in your bulb now, but NOT to the top or it will overflow when you put the wick back in.  Replace the wick back in the bulb.  Screw your bulb into the Wallflower plug, plug in, and enjoy!


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Scentsy Shout Out

I was introduced to Scentsy about a year and half ago.  I walked into my friends house and was like “WOW!”  It smelled SOOOO good!  I had to know what it was!  The answer?  Scentsy!  Scentsy makes these wax bars that break apart and you can put them in warmers.  No flame!  They have different sizes and even small plug in ones!  They make your house smells so good and have a ton of different scents!  A friend of mine just started selling it, so I need to give her a shout out!  If you want to try out Scentsy or need any refills, please check out her website and order!  CLICK HERE to order!