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Valentine’s Day Bubbles For Classroom Party

Valentine’s Day Bubbles For Classroom Party


                        -Treat Bags (I found heart ones!)

                        – Bubbles (any party store has a bulk pack)

                        – Tags

                        – Ribbon

Instructions:  I made my tags in InDesign, but you can use any program or hand make them.  I did 12 to a page and cut them out and put a hole punch in the upper left corner so I could attach them.  Put one bottle of bubbles in a treat bag.  Tie with ribbon once.  Add the tag by slipping the ribbon thru the tag.  Tie again.  Use scissors to curl ribbon.


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2 Weeks of Love

2 Weeks of Love


– Construction paper or plain paper

– Markers or chalk (if using black paper)

– Scissors

Instructions:  Cut out 14 paper hearts.  You can make them any color and size.  On each one, write something you love about your child.  Starting February 1st, leave a heart on their door so they can see it when they wake up.  Do this until Valentine’s Day.




Big Sister Bag

Big Sister Bag


                        – Digital Camera

                        – Batteries

                        – Shirt

                        – Charm

                        – Snacks

                        – Change (for vending machine)

                        – Hand Sanitizer

                        – Big Sister Book

                        – Puffy Fabric Paint

                        – Bag to put everything in

Instructions:  I made this for my daughter who is excited to be having a brother AND sister on the way!  On Black Friday I scored the digital camera for only $10!  I personalized the hand sanitizer label on the computer.  My friend Lisa used puffy paint to make the bag look AWESOME!  I put everything in the bag and plan on giving it to her when she comes in the room and sees the babies for the first time.

I got the embroidered shirt HERE and the charm HERE.