Grandkids Scrabble Frame

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Scrabble Letter Gift For Grandma


– Scrabble Tiles (Can get on Amazon for $12 total)

– 12×12 Scrapbook Paper

– Shadowbox or thick picture frame (From craft Store)

– Glue Gun

– Glue Sticks for Glue Gun

Instructions:  For my mom’s wedding anniversary last year, the gift theme was “wood”.  I knew exactly what I wanted to give her, but we had literally JUST found out that day we were pregnant and had to wait to see if the baby was a boy or girl so I could decide how I wanted the names to go on the “board”.  Well, when we found it was twins a few months later, we decided to keep the names a secret so I told my mom after the babies were born I would give her the gift and she would see why.

Pre-design how you want the names by writing them on a piece of paper.  When you are satisfied, you are ready to glue the tiles together.  I put a THIN line on the edge and pressed them together firmly.  After you are done with all the letters, you are ready to glue onto the scrapbook paper.  You can try Glue dots, but I wanted something I knew would hold over a long period of time.  After you hot glued the tiles to the scrapbook paper, insert it into the shadowbox (or frame) and you’ve created a masterpiece!



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