Rainbow Loom Box Removable Decals DIY

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Rainbow Loom Box Removable Decals DIY


Supplies Needed:


Puffy Paint

Plastic Sandwich Baggies







Cut paper to size of baggie.  On the paper, draw a design you want to use on your box.  After you are done, place the paper inside of the baggie.


_WWP6376-Edit _WWP6377-Edit_WWP6380-Edit_WWP6381-Edit


Next, trace your design on the outside of the baggie using the puffy paint.


_WWP6378-Edit _WWP6379-Edit   _WWP6382-Edit


Let dry overnight!!!  Remove the design by carefully peeling it off the baggy.

_WWP6385-Edit _WWP6386-Edit _WWP6388-Edit


Place your decal on your rainbow loom box and there you go!  Easy removable, make as many as you want!


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