Single Loom Band Bracelet

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Single Loom Band Bracelet


            – Loom

            – Loom Bands

            – Loom Hook

            – “C” Clip


Instructions:  The first step is to put a loom band on two pegs.  Make sure the arrows are facing AWAY from where you start.  Next, overlap another loom band on the next pegs.  See pictures.


Do this the whole way until you reach the other end.


After all loom bands are on, flip the loom so the arrows are now facing you.  Starting with the second loom band (not the first), get your hook and grab it.  Hook it over to the next band.  See picture.


Do this the whole way to the end.


When you get to the end, take the last band and stretch it over to the peg beside it.


Get your “C” clip and slip it on the last band.


You can now remove the bracelet from the loom.


Take the first band that you did not hook and slip it onto the “C” clip.  Your bracelet is now complete.


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