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7 Layer Rainbow Cake

Oh boy…was this a challenge!  Sorry for the crappy iphone pics, I didn’t have my camera!  Next time I make this (if I make it again!), I will take good pics!  My friend Shawnel and I had a baking day and made all kinds of stuff…oh, and made a mess in the meantime!  But it was so much fun!

Supplies Needed:

7 Boxes of white cake mix

5 cans of frosting

food coloring


8″ Round Cake pans



Depending on how many cake pans and bowls you have, mix the cake mix according to the directions.  Add food coloring of your choice to all 7 of the batters.  Bake all the cakes and let cool.  When cool, start by placing one cake onto a plate or what ever surface you will be using.  Before placing the next cake, add a layer of frosting.  Do this until all the layers are stacked on top of each other.



Frost the entire cake.


Cut and serve!



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Aunt Dianne’s Easy Macaroni Salad

My husband’s Aunt Dianne makes this and it is DELICIOUS!!


Ingredients Needed:

2lbs of pasta

Jar of Marzetti’s Cole Slaw Dressing

1 Jar of Miracle Whip

8 Eggs

Celery (Optional)



Boil pasta according to directions.  Drain and put in a large bowl to cool.  Mix occasionally so the pasta does not stick together.

Take 8 eggs and cut them up into a bunch of small pieces.


After pasta is cooled, add all the dressing and eggs.  Add celery if you want.  I chose not to add it.


Mix thoroughly  and refrigerate overnight.

_WWP6098-Edit _WWP6101-Edit


Serve and enjoy the next day!




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Hair Feather Extension

Hair Feather Extension


–       Hair Feather (Can get on ebay or maybe a beauty store)

–       Crimp bead

–       Pliers

Instructions:  Take a small section of hair and apply a small amount of water. Once the hair is wet, twist the hair to bring all the strands together nicely. Now, slip on the micro link on the end of your hair and slide it all the way up to the root of the hair. Once the micro link is in place, slip the end of the feather into the micro link. Once you have the feather placed, make sure a small amount of the feather is sticking out the top of the micro link. Take a pair of pliers and clamp down on the link. You have now completed the installation of the extension!


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Valentine’s Day Bubbles For Classroom Party

Valentine’s Day Bubbles For Classroom Party


                        -Treat Bags (I found heart ones!)

                        – Bubbles (any party store has a bulk pack)

                        – Tags

                        – Ribbon

Instructions:  I made my tags in InDesign, but you can use any program or hand make them.  I did 12 to a page and cut them out and put a hole punch in the upper left corner so I could attach them.  Put one bottle of bubbles in a treat bag.  Tie with ribbon once.  Add the tag by slipping the ribbon thru the tag.  Tie again.  Use scissors to curl ribbon.