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Easy Peazy Cake Pops

Supplies Needed:

Wilton chocolate disks (I used these because they work best in my melter)

Lollipop sticks

Box of Cake Mix

Can of frosting



Start by baking your cake as directed on the box.  When it is done baking, let it cool completely.  Break up the cake and crumb into a large bowl.  You might want to cut off the edges if they are hard.  When you crumble the cake, make sure the crumbs are FINE!  Or else your cake pops will be lumpy.


Next, add in 1/2 can of frosting and mix.  If it is not sticking together, add just a little bit more, but not the whole can or the cake balls will slide off the lollipop sticks.



Now it is time to get a lil messy!  Make round balls out of the mix.  When done, put them in the refrigerator for about an hour to chill.


While the cake balls are chilling, start melting your chocolate, and remember to stir!


After an hour, pull your cake balls out of the fridge two at a time (so they don’t get warm).  Stick a lollipop stick in the chocolate and stick it half way into the cake pop.  Wait about 30 seconds and dip your cake pop half way in the chocolate.  Use a spoon to coat the missed spots and the chocolate drip off.



Decorate as you wish before the chocolate hardens!  Refrigerate for 10 minutes and they are ready to be eaten!





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7 Layer Rainbow Cake

Oh boy…was this a challenge!  Sorry for the crappy iphone pics, I didn’t have my camera!  Next time I make this (if I make it again!), I will take good pics!  My friend Shawnel and I had a baking day and made all kinds of stuff…oh, and made a mess in the meantime!  But it was so much fun!

Supplies Needed:

7 Boxes of white cake mix

5 cans of frosting

food coloring


8″ Round Cake pans



Depending on how many cake pans and bowls you have, mix the cake mix according to the directions.  Add food coloring of your choice to all 7 of the batters.  Bake all the cakes and let cool.  When cool, start by placing one cake onto a plate or what ever surface you will be using.  Before placing the next cake, add a layer of frosting.  Do this until all the layers are stacked on top of each other.



Frost the entire cake.


Cut and serve!