Baptism Finger Food – Marshmellows dipped in chocolate

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These were real easy to make.  You can put them on a stick or just dip them and put them all in a dish.






Lollipop Sticks (optional)



Melt your chocolate which ever way you choose.  I used the double boil method because I did not have my chocolate melter machine yet.

If you are using lollipop sticks, put the stick in the lollipop and dip a little bit in chocolate.  If not, just dip the marshmallow in the chocolate almost half way.  I then dipped them in a bowl of sprinkles and set a side to dry.  Since these were for the twins baptism, I wrapped them up in little wrappers with a bow and added a cross.

_WWP5543 _WWP5547

_WWP5659 _WWP5663 _WWP5676

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