Child Behavior Chart with Rewards

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Behavior Chart


            – Paper

            – Round Magnets

            – Magnet Strips

            – Sticker Paper

            – Wooden Craft Popsicle Sticks

            – Sharpie

            – Printer

Instructions:  I used Word to make my own chart and my daughter wanted a Justin Beiber picture on it.  I also made some with Big Time Rush and Hello Kitty.  If you are not computer savvy, you can google “blank behavior charts’ and find one that way.  I found sticker sheet paper at my local craft store.  I loaded it in the printer and printed the starts for the round magnets on it and also things my daughter needed to work on.  After printing, I cut out each star to fir the circle magnets (I wish I could find my small circle hole punch!) and then cut out the things she needed to work on to fit the strips of magnets I got.  I peeled off the backs and put them on the magnets.  On the popsicle sticks, I wrote things she could get if she got all her stars for the week.  She helped with this.  The only catch was that she would only pull one and not know what was on it.  Some of the things were:  Go to Starbucks, have a friend sleep over, go to Chuck E Cheese, etc.

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