Picture Frame Arrangement

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Picture Frame Arrangement


                        – Picture Frames

                        – Level

                        – Painters Tape (Since it is thick)

                        – Nails

                        – Hammer

                        – Toothpaste (yes, toothpaste!)

Instructions:  On your wall, place a piece of painters tape.  Use your level and make sure it is even.  You will start by selecting all the frames you want on the top.  Where the holes are on the back of the frames, place a small dab of toothpaste.  Line up the BOTTOM of the frame to the top of the painters tape and press firmly against the wall so it leaves a toothpaste mark on the wall.  Do this will the rest of the frames that will be on the top.  Look at your wall.  I am sure it smells minty, but this is where your nails will go!  Go ahead and place the nails in the wall.  Do not hang your pictures yet.  Wipe away the excess toothpaste.  You are going to the same thing for the bottom frames, but this time you are going to line up the TOPS of the frames with the bottom of the painters tape.  Once completely done, remove painters tape and any more toothpaste from wall or frames and hang your frames!


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